Maintenance Services

Typical Operation & Maintenance Service Contracts

Green Wastewater Solutions is a certified Orenco AdvanTex Service Provider with over 10 years of experience of maintaining and servicing Residential and Commercial AdvanTex System. Our factory trained staff can clean your system, trouble shoot problems on site utilizing modern devices that allow us to communicate with your system using BT-VCOM and BT-TCOM computer programs. Being up to date with all facets of system servicing allows us to be competitive and cost friendly. When you purchase a Residential or Commercial Service Contract from GWS, it includes all services, scheduled and unscheduled. That means there are no extra service labor charges if the call is related to problems with the systems operation. The only time we would consider a service call fee is if it was caused by the Owners misuse. These two examples will explain our coverage:

1. Unscheduled service call for a flooded system caused by a faulty system component. If component is under warrantee, it is replace free of charge, if it were not warranted, owner responsible for component cost only, all labor is included under Service Contract.

2. Unscheduled service call for a flooded system caused by misuse. System Owner fries Turkey for Thanksgiving and pours oil from deep fryer into kitchen sink contaminating system components. Owner is billed for time and materials to repair system.

Please review the attached Operational and Maintenance Contract and contact if you have any questions.


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