Residential Septic Systems

Orenco manufactures hundreds of products for residential septic systems… from simple filters to sophisticated treatment systems. So many products that it's hard to know where to start. The company’s website is great source for educational information, and can be found at

If you're not familiar with septic systems at all, start with Homeowner Basics. Otherwise, you can skip to Choose a System. That's where Orenco provides info on our three main types of residential systems: Standard gravity septic systems (without a pump), pressurized septic systems (with a pump), and advanced treatment systems (for environmentally sensitive sites).


If you're an industry professional, you'll find in-depth information here, too: spec sheets, design criteria, product sheets, instructions, and more. Plus a complete product catalog -- including products to help with any type of onsite installation and O&M. 

Watertight, properly installed septic systems are an environmentally sound wastewater solution. They outperform municipal sewers and don't degrade our rivers and oceans. Let us help you do your part for our small planet.

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